Let’s go straight to the aim of an article. A Data acquisition is nothing but a technique to measure an electrical sight like temperature, pressure, current, and voltage of the computer. Although, data acquisition system comes in different types which are classified these ways: portable, distributed, and laboratory. Most of the laboratory and distributed systems are stationary that permanently place systems that composed of bulky or heavy hardware.

The entire system highly depends upon the computer to analyse, process, and access the data and can make it ready for presentation. If it is about the portable system then, it is small and relatively in a lightweight and work with the laptops. Take a turn toward Data logger equipment & about it!

The data acquisition traits

Computer-connected data acquisition

While depending on the system (computer) require data, computer-connected instruments have few common characteristics:

  • This can offer fast speeds
  • This can be easily get powered from the computer or can be the reason for external power supply
  • This offers a real time display to acquire the data

Another type is, stand-alone data acquisition

The instrument has the ability to perform the task independently. The products have a few more traits that you can consider.

  • It has the ability to support flexible devices like memory cards
  • It can help DC-powered devices for flexibility
  • It promotes slow sampling rates than computer-connected products

Now jump to the data logger

A data logger is nothing but a chargeable and compact device having data storage, sensors, sensor ports, and a microprocessor. It can be deployed in different environments to handle the measurements and through setting intervals for years at a time. In exact term, the data logger is an electronic device which has an ability to inspect and make environmental parameters records. It can allow different conditions to be measured, analysed, and documented.

It also contains a sensor to capture the needful details and then a computer memory or chip will store it. Then after the information which is stored in data logger will transfer to a computer for further procedure.

Why should you use data logger?

There isn’t any rocket science when it comes to data logging as it can be done by human observation. Let me explain you with an example: data logger has an ability to record the changes in temperature over the duration of an hour using a thermometer, timer, paper, and pen. Although, there are electronic data loggers available and that can deliver accurate and effective output. And you can observe it through periodic manual readings. The instrument can save time and money both.

That’s enough information

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