One of my favorite options for window treatments is the Plantation shutters component. They are versatile, less expensive than custom tapestries and can increase the value of your home. They are the only window treatment that can be financed when you buy your house. Why? Because they are very desirable and tend to stay at home when they are sold.


Plantation shutters are a popular choice for kitchens. When buying interior shutters, it is important to know if you are buying custom shutters that are actually designed for your windows, or if the company will take the panels to the inventory and cut them to fit them. Often the prices are very similar.


Nowadays, plantation shutters are available in many styles and sizes of blades. One of the most popular grid sizes is 64 millimeters, although they are often also available in 89 and 114 millimeters.


When buying shutters for plantations, you should look for important features. A custom blind manufacturing company will accurately measure your window and build your blinds accordingly.

Shutters designed with a divider rail or a fashionable double pendant is a popular choice in bathrooms. They allow the closing of the lower blinds for greater privacy, while the upper blinds can be left open for a view and a light. It is more difficult to get that kind of function with curtains, curtains or wooden blinds.


When the shutters are specially designed for your windows, you will have many options in terms of design. For such a window, the two panels could be opened from the center or be folded to one side.


This window is designed to provide the homeowner with many options to control sight and light. First, they are designed to be suspended. This will open the upper grids while the lower grids are closed. And because they are double, the top panels could be folded completely against the wall, leaving the bottom panels in place. The owner can also return all the panels to open the entire window.


The design of your Plantation shutters will depend on your needs/desires and the style of your windows. This window seat has three windows on the back. As they are narrow, a large panel was designed for each window instead of two thin ones. This allows a lot of light and sight. In addition, they are designed with a separation rail for separate control of the upper and lower deflectors.

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